Bloggin – DIY edition

Blume who?  Blume you!  We customized some name patch emblems for some fashionable bloggers and got some fantastic inspiration- thanks crafty ladies!

Kimberlee from I have a Degree in This! kicked off the creative project with an easy fun hair accessory.

Jerrica of Fashion Nostalgia showed off her style on her shorts.

Others decided to use their personalized patches to promote their blogs:

Like Style Me Bad on her ipad

The Tiny Tie Rant on her laptop

Mommy Posh on her diaper bag

Her Goody Bag on her jean jacket

and some people just love their patches so much they gave em a big ol smooch like What Would Ashley Wear

Thanks for sharing your fun posts… we loved seeing the Do It Yourself fashions. Please keep an eye out for new personalizable Blume gear coming soon!

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